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tis_true's Journal

i'm gonna be a fireman when the floods roll back
3 August 1983
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.hack, 1x2, 1x5, 80's music, accounting, adom, aero, aeryn sun, amber benson, ancient domains of mystery, androgyny, animorphs slash, anthony rapp, arrested development, auron/jecht/braska, avenue q, backstreet boys, baralai/gippal/nooj, barenaked ladies, bart allen, bashir/o'brien, beyond good and evil, bif naked, big wolf on campus, bisexuality, bob the angry flower, books, boondock saints, brainiac 5, britney spears, bruce campbell, buffy, clone high, comic books, conway's game of life, creativity, daniel jackson, dar williams, deadpool, depression, diane duane, dirk and duck, discworld, disney movies, douglas adams, edward gorey, eliza dushku, emperor's new groove, emus, eve 6, fanfiction, fantasy, farscape, feline diabetes, female gamers, final fantasy, final fantasy ix, final fantasy viii, final fantasy x, final fantasy x-2, final fantasy xii, firefly, francesca lia block, futurama, gert/chase, get fuzzy, gir, google, gundam wing, harry potter, hercules: the legendary journeys, hitchhiker's guide, hulkling/wiccan, impulse, invader zim, iolaus, jack o'neill, josh charles, katamari damacy, kim possible, kingdom of loathing, legion of superheroes, legolas/gimli, less than legendary journeys, llamas, lord of the rings, mice, michael hurst, miranda otto, mst3k, murkon's refuge, music, musicals, my cat, neil gaiman, newsies, nine days, nsync, paisley, pete and pete, pirate's booty, playstation 2, procrastinating, psych, psychonauts, quotes, reading, redwall, rent, rikku/paine, ron weasley, rpgs, s club 7, sabrina lloyd, sam carter, sandman, savage garden, sci fi, self injury, slash, snarkiness, sports night, squee, star trek, stargate sg-1, stephen king, teen titans, terry pratchett, the invisible man, the legion, tidus/yuna, tobias, trigun, unicorns, utada hikaru, veronica mars, vincent ventresca, when hellmouths collide, wii, wings, witch baby, wolverine/rogue, writing, x-men, x-men legends, xena, young avengers, young justice, young wizards, zidane


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